Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lost Souls' Room: The Bored (sic) Game

What was it she said? “Nothing is what it appears to be in this room.”
The Chief knew what she was talking about. She had been Police Chief of Santa Fe for 15 years. Having moved to Southern California and retired I often wondered why she hung out on a chat room site sponsored by the Santa Fe Citizen, the sappy local New Mexican newspaper.

Maybe she did love and miss her former hometown. Or maybe it was just like she said about this room… “Nothing is what it appears to be.”

Some people that inhabited the cyberspace designated “Chat Room” on the front page of the had separated themselves from the other commenters who posted under the news stories. Both groups were bloggers but those on the news side had a little bit of an air of superiority about them.

As if it were a international border, the bloggers in chat room referred to the place where those who were posting on news story as just ‘the other side.’ The rules for making comments were same on both sides but when one entered the chat room a clear warning faced the visitor “Enter at you own risk.”

Sitting is his robe and slippers, Danny Cabeza de Calabazo, affectionately called Squash Head by his friends typed away at his aging eMac.

He had spent many years being a pain in the ass political gadfly in the Santa Fe, ‘The City Different.’ Although he preferred to be called a “political activist” feeling somehow it was more respectable losing a dozen or so elections as a community activist candidate rather just a perennial asshole.


David Lopez said...
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Julia said...

Rock on with your bad self, Donado. I can't wait for the rest!

David Lopez said...

The Lost Souls Room is more than a bored game, it's a feature film blockbuster.

Sean Connery plays Cove.

Lindsay Lohan, with those green eyes, plays PC.

Babe Rainbow plays himself.

Alan Rickman plays Dave Nelson

Margaret Hamilton can play Jean

Big, unpredictable James Gandolfini can play David Lopez

Jerry Lewis is a shoo-in for Greg Miller.

Sabrina Scharf can play Judy.