Tuesday, March 26, 2013


We are at war, always.
Just locally speaking, why would Santa Fe hire a new 'Emergency Manager' now?
Certainly not because of a radioactive rock.
But too many military cops around that's for sure.
Busting the Arabs for fake gun play and 32 pounds of kind bud ... I don't believe it. Like Maya would say "Somebody had to write that line."
O.K. Udall is telling both the Democratic Mayor Coss and the Republican Governor's underling Mayor Pro Temp Wurtzberger what to do. It's Federal in someway.
I use to say "Don't ask Government anything unless you want to hear the word no."
Now I say that if the opposite of love is indifference rather than hate then my Government is hugely indifferent to me.
What if we are really the target ... I mean here in Santa Fe so near Los Alamos. Are we at War?

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