Monday, December 31, 2012

IGB - Intergalatic Brain

Paul Michelson of  IGB (InterGalactic Brain) was awarded his Hand Pi hand (5 patches) for his helping hand on many things including the sponsorship of The Daily Planet radical graphics arts magazine from the 70s Berkeley, CA.

When I just mentioned the Berkeley Barb and the Berkeley Tribe on my blog I got hits up the wazoo. The interesting thing was back tracking the hits on the Tribe footprints led to a cop chat site about the Zodiac killer.

 Now be careful about lying about on the Internet. I said I sold the Barb and the Tribe outside the Playboy Club in San Francisco's North Beach area.  I did sell newspapers there and true I did layout and paste-up for Max Shear at the Barb. But I never sold the Tribe anywhere. I lied ha ha. Me so smart, me now on some Zodiac killer list of 'blogs of interest.'

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