Friday, December 21, 2012

Newtown NM

Newtown, Connecticut is between Waterbury were I was born and Milford were I grew up and played football for Mario Ponsale's Milford "Indian" and later with Lou Holtz's Uconn "Huskies.  All four places Newtown, CT; plus on Long Island sound - Milford CT; Waterbury CT (the former Brass Capitol of the World; and the University of Connecticut at Storrs would all easily fit into Santa Fe County.

Santa Fe had a memorial today to honor the victims of the Sandy Hook School shootings. I was moved by the homemade photo boards of those poor kids and educators that got killed.

I have been, as all American have been, hardened to killing and violence and dead foreign kids.   I also can not tell anymore which death is from our own government's, foreign state players, independent contractors or nut case killers. I never owned a fucking gun.

 The first woman speaker almost blew her lines asking that the people present shut off their cell phones. You will forgive me if I get a little cynical about events like these.  I smelled motives and agendas.


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