Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wilderness Gate

The fucking place feels like spook central to me. God only knows how many just military spooks have past through Santa Fe. Shit, the Rosenbergs, Los Alamos ... the fucking BOMB.  It really got spooky when Fat Bill was Governor.  Man with Richardson's connection to Kissinger you couldn't get a table at the Pink or even the Plaza Restaurant. I'm not talking about Carl Miller Gym type spooks or those guys that drink at Robbie's place ... fucking fagots. No these fuckers where heavy CIA leather-coated muscle. The women looked as tough even in head scarfs. Richardson was heavy ... ah shit, excuse the pun ... Richardson was heavy but not scary.

Santa Fe is sort of a Washington insiders' safe house. Phil Schiliro and film maker wife Jody have moved from Washington D.C. to spook central - Santa Fe, NM. They have taken up residence in the Wilderness Gate subdivision, a long time home to a full spectrum of politicos and influence makers. From the Nixon era, Kissinger's Undersecretary of State, Chuck Robinson to Gov. Bill Richardson main money man and Mayor Coss' buddy Steve Flance. In Wilderness Gate even some of the 'normal'  folk are suspiciously well placed, like the newcomer director of the "community" radio station and the owner/barkeep for the CIA and cop hangout restaurant.  U.S. Senator Tom Udall lives on the dead end road leading to Wilderness Gate as did Udall's late father Stuart Udall. At one time beside the political heavyweights; Dr. Robert Grossman (Kennedy assassination Dallas), Producer Steven Bochco, Actress
Shirley Parker McClaine and a crazy gadfly the late John Coventry all lived in this east side enclave.
A simple notice about Jody Schiliro, wife of Washington D.C. heavyweight Phil Schiliro, in Wilderness Gate's association newsletter was a clue.

Nominating Committee Report
New neighbor Jody Schiliro is interested in joining the board, and the Committee is
recommending her election at the January Annual Meeting to replace David Franklin, whose
term will be ending.  Jody and her family moved to Wilderness Gate this past summer, from
Washington, DC.

 The last time I got a clue was when Valarie Plame, I swear to G-d, was the campaign treasurer for my opponent for the Santa Fe School Board.

Philip Schiliro was huge and invisible in Washington. What the fuck is he doing in Santa Fe?

"New neighbor Jody Schiliro is interested in joining the board"
The Wilderness Gate Home Owners Association Board was the last run for 'office' that I would do before committing to a Jehovah Witness like non-political approach to life. But seeing that the fix is already in for her to win I may run against her just just to lose.  Losing to someone in an election is a great way to get to know someone.  They first hate you for challenging them, then they love you for losing.
Or maybe Obama sent Phil Schiliro and his wife the former Jody Lenkoski to help me with the 7th International Marblers' Gathering - Tehran 2015 or my documentary on Getting High at Fountainhead.

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