Thursday, January 17, 2013

Getting Digital Head

Some 49 of my first fifty hits on a blog I started were from "bots"... roBots I guess. And by some strange accidental and unintended confluence a line of words as blog file title, which I refuse to repeat, and an image (Bio Hazard) cross fertilized to attract 20 hits a day just giving my site digital head. These sex crazed roBots that followed the words are ten times as bad as the regular ugly, zombie, vampire and villain bots shown above.

Google and Google image search and sometimes youTube all give good digital head. Facebook makes me even more limp than normal.   ALERT ... SPAM AHEAD (sorry for the pun) when Jody Schiliro worked for Muckety: Mapping the Paths to Power and Influence I guess she did her own page. Muckety is like the new rip-off Facebook search ... a radiating graphs of connections; data collecting under the guise of social networking and all soon to be under U.N. controls.


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