Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wilderness Gate Panty Fetish

Chatting in The Lost Souls' Room made me give up porn. But the chat room also made it clear the I had a pantie Fetish that luckily could easily be satisfied on Google image search or news stories. What is really perverted and twisted about me is I get aroused by placing mislabel photos on the Internet.  Even a blog of mine with less then one hundred total page views got the screen grab image to the right to be one of the top 5 photos on Google search for "Wilderness_Gate."

Of course, after a day or so somebody objected and the image came down. But when the robots at Google can't find images to match the words of the Google image search the robot will spew out any image file associated with those words of that image search. So when I posted a blog about Jody Schiliro Google filled the image search screen with all my fucking pictures from Fat Bill and Me.

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