Friday, January 25, 2013

Phil Shiliro working for Tom Udall ... Double Snore.

Digital suicide isn't fun. But 'Reverting to draft' in Blogland is sometimes necessary. It's like a cool Kool-aid practice digital suicide, like getting ready for the big D ... DELETE.  With Fat Bill and Me I had to step back a number of times and revert to draft when things got too personal,  painful or because the anger was misdirected or because my wife told me to.   Anyway, IjJust now stowed away Schiliro for a for a week or so.  And now I bring Schiliro is back to life on the Internet wasteland. What a miracle.
President Obama with Phil Schiliro, his white hand man at the Righthouse.

I have a prologue and an epilogue to Schiliro  But I will take Will Shakespeare's advice about that when writing through a character, he said (no, please), "Leave your epilogue alone." But feel free to move on to Senator Tom U. Dull.

Tom Udall knock-knock Joke

Tom Answers, "Who's there?"
"U.B. who?"
"U. B. Dull"

Wait a minute  I was going to go out and get the Santa Fe weakly slacker mush Reporter. I get very excited about their massage ads. They have a picture of Tom Udall on the cover ... there goes hard-on. I be white back.

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