Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Phil Schiliro's Hood

It's not him but the whole machine that makes me sick. I know he's a good guy but if you watched any of the 'fiscal cliff' shit on New Year's Eve TV you had to puke, hurl, up-chuck, vomit and/or blow lunch.

The Lost Souls' Room was filled with people the cared. Ohfuckyeah, cared about the self-made matrix. The politics of Phil and Jody Schiliro's Wilderness Gate and Phil and Jody Lenkoski Schiliro's Washington are just the same ... selective caring.

I hear Phil Schiliro is a super-hero environmentalist. His wife is obviously a sensitive artist film maker. Why don't they believe in Democracy? They don't, fuck it, they don't. I fucking don't anymore. Why should they and why should I care? I don't really care about anything but hits and having fun. That's about as honest as I can be. Ormaybebaby, it really is about the machine.

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